Growing Creatively

As I sit at my desk pouring over my own work from the past few years, and having been focusing my time as of late to study those who are truly great; I come to see a vast growth in my personal writing. I know that we all must grow as artists. Our creativity changes with situations and emotions, as well as trial and error. Change is practically a force of nature, and we adapt or become irrelevant. So on looking at my own growth, and the growth of others, yes we adapt to the changes in ourselves and our lives, but what causes the adaptation? How is it that we creatively change?

From my current point of view I read my stories of youth and see that as my words have simplified, my plots have become complex and my points are made more clearly. In my own journey through writing I see that my folly was thinking that big words and over thought, thought process’ were what made a writer great. As I have read the greats I come to find that true brilliance is found in the beauty of simple words that explain a revolutionary ideal or belief. The more we scale back who we are as an artist the more the concept can grow. Not to say that we do not factor at all, we surely will leave our own mark on our creation, but we are trying to share something pure. A perspective that no one else has, and the less we think about it, the more pure the creation. 

This growth, as any other sort, can be cultivated and promoted. In learning the art of diminishing any impure motive we allow the creation to blossom. Our setting and friends cheer on this improvement as well. Settings, no matter what they are have a hold over our emotions which in turn dictate our creative urges. The things we see, that which we hear, can spark a match that bursts into a full on creative frenzy. On the flip side of that, if we are unhappy in our settings, or dissatisfied with relationships, we can be dissuaded from our craft. To grow, we must learn to take from the negative, positive, and mundane to build our skills.

As with anything else, there is always a lag from time to time in our drive to create. From what I can see, what separates those who are accomplished from those who are not, is that no matter what feelings they have, no matter if they do or do not ‘feel like it’; they do. It’s a simple fact that if you do not practice you cannot improve. You cannot place a seedling in the cement, forget it for years, and come back expecting a lush garden. That is just not the way things happen. Like watering the seedling, we must water our art. Paint, write, play, just create daily! Sometimes it will be hard, and unpleasant. Your own work will seem like rubbish, even if it is, it is something. It is progress toward the goal of sharing what is inside. That unique view that is solely yours. 

Our creative acts mirror life itself. As we create, we pour out bits of ourselves in the most intimate way. We test the waters, we push limits. Establishing our own voices, our own images. In the beginning of growth we all tend to look similar, or at the least a lot like someone else; but as we go on we develop our own sense and vision. Time, confusion, and situations all add up to stimulate our abilities, but in the end I believe it is persistence and demand of our souls that drives this enigmatic growth which defines us.


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